RSVenture TF

12.101 + TVA


  • 3-Cylinder Genesis® 4-stroke engine with YCC-T
  • Touring revolution – Electric Power Steering (EPS)
  • New Yamaha chip-controlled throttle (YCC-T) system
  • New Yamaha D-MODE engine power-setting system
  • Engine Braking Reduction System (E.B.R.S.)
  • ProComfort 151 rear suspension with Flip-Up rails
  • Second-generation front suspension geometry
  • Wide and soft-riding dual-keel skis
  • Adjustable seat back angle for solo or 2-up riding
  • Comfortable and relaxing handlebar position
  • DC output to power electrical accessories
  • Multi-function digital instrument panel
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Brand new features for 2-up touring. Explore!

With its revolutionary EPS, adjustable reclining seat and host of other brand new features, this machine brings unprecedented 2-up comfort to off-trail riding – transforming your long adventures.

You’ll love the smooth power of our 3-cylinder Genesis® engine with its revolutionary chip-controlled throttle (YCC-T) and D-MODE engine-setting system – and enjoy the silkiness of the latest suspension design. To add to this potent mix of new advantages, Yamaha’s industry-first electric power steering (EPS) offers you consistently predictable handling and dampens kick-back on rough trails.

With so many new features to explore, isn’t it time you set out on some long adventures?