Phazer X-TX


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Phazer X-TX



  • Genesis® 4-stroke 499cc Sports Performance engine
  • Advanced fuel injection system
  • Optimised clutch settings to maximise traction
  • ProMountain® rear suspension with aluminium shocks
  • Double wishbone front suspension for great control
  • Hybrid material frame – lightweight and compact
  • Long Camoplast® Freeride® track
  • Special 1.5 inch lug height gives greater traction
  • 150 mm dual-keel skis for sharper cornering
  • Comfortable ‘J-hook’ handlebars and mountain strap
  • Special seat design suits all riding styles

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The most fun-packed Crossover machine. Ever.

By refining and blending together the key performance factors to be found in our renowned Mountain and Trail machines, we created this agile and capable crossover model, the Yamaha Phazer X-TX – and it delivers an amazing level of fun and enjoyment.

The Phazer X-TX is a remarkable combination of our innovative and well proven technologies, with its high output 4-stroke engine and lightweight, easy-handling body – not to mention the advanced suspension, track and dual-keel ski design.

So whether you want to head up the mountain to the powder, weave easily through the trees or enjoy the groomed trails, this all-round fun machine will produce a riding experience without equal.


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Tip / cilindree 4 timpi / 499cc
Cilindri 2-cilindri
Răcire Răcit cu aer
Alezaj X Cursă 77,0 mm x 53,6 mm
Carburaţie 43 mm KEIHIN x 2, injecţie cu combustibil, lichid încălzit
Concept consum 3-supape
Sistem de aprindere Digital T.C.I. w/T.P.S.
Evacuare 2 supape, eşapament spate
Ambreiaj / transmisie YXRC, Raport variabil, Schimbător electronic marşarier
Sistem de frânare cu disc Hidraulic, 2 Pistoane cu brăţară din Aluminiu, Disc ventilat, uşor ca greutate, Frână mecanică pentru parcare


Sistem suspensie faţă Independente, Furci duble
Amortizor faţă KYB, 36 mm, H.P.G., Aluminium
Cursă faţă 221 mm
Sistem suspensie spate Pro Mountain® 144
Amortizor spate 36 mm Piston, H.P.G., Aluminium / 36 mm Piston, H.P.G., Aluminium
Cursă spate 363 mm

Măsuri / Dimensiuni

Înălţime totală 1.190 mm
Lungime totală 3.205 mm
Lăţime totală 1.230 mm
Direcţie l x L x H 14 inci x 144 inci x 1,5 inci, 356 mm x 3.658 mm x 38 mm
Tip direcţie Camoplast Cross Country
Postură schi (com. la com.) 1.080 mm
Capacitate rezervor carburant 26,7 Litri


Demaror electric Standard
Inversor Standard
Radiatoare mână & degete Standard, 9 poziţii, Reglabile, Comandă parte stângă selectabilă
Tip faruri, watt 60/55W Halogen x 2
Randament DC Opţionale

Genesis® 4-stroke Sport Performance engine

The Genesis 499cc engine is lightweight yet torquey, for quick acceleration. The counterbalanced, lightweight crankshaft ensures snappy throttle response and smooth running,whatever the conditions - and the fuel injection and digital ignition systems maintain the optimum fuel/air mix to keep your engine running at peak performance.
Optimised clutch settings to suit wide capability

Optimised clutch settings to suit wide capability

The clutch settings are tuned to match the smooth-revving nature of the lively twin-cylinder engine and to optimise the traction available from the special track design. The result is the amazing ability of the Phazer X-TX to deliver outstanding performance - and a thrilling ride - in such a wide variety of snow conditions.
Lightweight hybrid frame

Lightweight hybrid frame

The lightweight frame created for the Phazer X-TX is crafted using an optimal balance of different metals. So the frame is rigid and strong, yet flexible enough to handle the many complex forces of cornering and climbing - and it plays a big part in making this machine so agile, as well as responsive to different riding styles and snow conditions.
ProMountain® 144 rear suspension

ProMountain® 144 rear suspension

This is the natural choice of those who love playing in deep powder – but also enjoy the tracks and trails. The ProMountain® system uses twin aluminium shock absorbers that not only have excellent cooling characteristics, but move in harmony with the double wishbone front suspension to provide active, precise control in all conditions.
Dual-keel ski design

Dual-keel ski design

You will never have been in more precise control of your contact with the snow than on a Phazer X-TX. Its dual-keel ski design (150 mm width) makes this extremely sporty, fun machine more forgiving and easier to handle by allowing tighter, more controlled turns and more stable straight-line performance in all snow conditions.
Camoplast® Freeride®  track

Camoplast® Freeride® track

To achieve our required high level of deep snow performance without compromise under any other conditions, we have adopted the well proven Camoplast® track, but with different lug specifications in terms of height, position and shape. Along with the optimised clutch settings, these changes ensure amazing traction, whatever the type of snow.
Electric start and push-button reverse

Electric start and push-button reverse

You can rely on the Phazer X-TX to fire up with a single turn of the key. Since the engine's decompression system means it requires less power to turn the engine over, a smaller and lighter battery can be used. A single push-button,handily placed on the right hand side of the instrument panel engages the Electric Shift Reverse system.
Multi-function digital instrument panel

Multi-function digital instrument panel

The multi-function digital gauge displays key information at a glance. Speed is displayed on a large LCD readout and the rider can select tachometer, odometer or tripmeter data to appear on the secondary readout. The gauge also displays system warning lights, fuel level, and grip warmer intensity.
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