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  • Lightweight frame
  • Compact design
  • High quality electricity
  • Heavy duty performance
  • 17 hour run time at ¼ rated load Economy Control
  • 4-stroke, air-cooled OHV 171 cc engine
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Lightweight professional power

Weighing just 30 kg, the compact EF2800i features a special design that combines a cooling fan for both engine and generating unit in one space-saving unit.

This unique design keeps the EF2800i light, so it’s perfect for any occasion when you need heavy-duty power that’s easy to move from place to place. Switch to Economy Control and you can enjoy operation times of up to 17 hours at ¼ rated load.

It’s also an incredibly resilient machine, with an oil warning system that automatically shuts down when oil is low to ensure durability, and a cast-iron cylinder lining to ensure consistent performance whatever demands are made of it.


Capacitate cilindrică 171cc
Randament maxim al puterii 4,0 kW / 4.000 rpm
Sistem de pornire Recul


Tip generator Inversor
Frecvenţă 50 hz
Randament nominal AC 2.500 VA
Randament max AC 2.800 VA
Voltaj AC 230 V
Viteză nominală 10,9 A
Randament DC -
Factor putere 1
Etape Mono
Demaror Direct
Funcţionează timp îndelungat fără realimentare 7,7 - 17* (*Comanda Economic activată)


Lungime totală 487 mm
Lăţime totală 395 mm
Înălţime totală 425 mm
Greutate (kg) 30 kg
Capacitate rezervor ulei 0,6 Litri
Capacitate rezervor carburant 11,2 Litri
Nivel poluare fonică (LWA) 95,0 dB (A)
Nivel poluare fonică 7 m 60,0* - 67,0 dB (A) (*Comanda Economic activată)

Inverter system with Pulse Width Modulation

This industry-leading system produces high-quality, clean electricity. Its pure sine wave is as clean as or cleaner than commercial power, making it suitable for products with built in microcomputers.

Oil warning system

To prevent engine damage and costly repairs, and enhance long-term durability, the generator automatically shuts off when oil begins to run low. It cannot be re-started until oil is added.

Multipole alternator

The compact multipole alternator design reduces weight, offering exceptional power output to weight ratio.

OHV engine

Precise valve actuation and heavy-duty design offer improved efficiency, increased reliability and quiet operation.